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News from 2015-12-02

Workshop: the evolution of JavaScript - ES6 and TypeScript
tuesday, 15 dec 2015, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at TIS (Bolzano)

Chris Mair & Davide Montesin

News from 2015-11-20

BSD Workshop - Dec 5, 2015 - Merano

Update 2015-12-07 - a portrait with Puffy:
picture from the event

News from 2015-10-11

November 2015
Four days of PostgreSQL training in Rimini!


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Tux in Brixen
News from 2015-09-03

September 2015
Linux gateways & firewalls: 2 weekends in Brixen!


News from 2014-12-14
PostgreSQL 9.4 released!
PostgreSQL logo
The PostgreSQL Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of PostgreSQL 9.4!

This release includes highly performant native JSON support, a new API for reading and manipulating the PostgreSQL replication stream, numerous performance improvements, and much more.

Release Announcement

News from 2014-11-14
SFScon14: Schrödinger's elephant


News from 2014-10-27
Java vs JS: who can serve more requests per seconds?

get the results of our benchmark...

News from 2014-10-15

SFSCon 2014

Tux in Brixen
News from 2014-09-20

Linux Server: 2 weekends in Brixen

News from 2014-09-05
FlashBeing launches

Big Launch Event in Bolzano on Sep, 17!

News from 2013-10-10
Conference ads: PG Day in Prato and SFSCon in Bolzano!

SFSCon 2013 logo
SFSCon Info
PG Day 2013 logo
PG Day Info
Two interesting conferences this autumn: PG Day Prato (oct 25) and SFSCon Bolzano (nov 15).

RO/JS logo News from 2013-02-26
Red Oddity: JavaScript Developer (ESF Course)

Looking for a job? Interested in web technology? Have a look at Red Oddity's latest course!


News from 2013-01-30
JavaScript course - Bolzano

Interested in JavaScript? HTML 5 Canvas? AJAX? Server-side JavaScript with Node.js? Then I've got a course for you :) There are six evening lessons, every Tue and Thu from 6 pm to 9 pm starting from Feb 19th. The course is in German at the Berufschule, Bolzano.

Sign up form.

floating penguin
Penguin (C) Dan Holton CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
News from 2013-01-13
LUGBZ BabsCamp!

The Linux User Group Bolzano-Bozen-Bulsan's "build a better system" BarCamp is on February 23rd!


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