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Software Development

I’ve been working as a software developer since 1998.

Since 2003 I’m working on a freelance basis. Since then, I’ve done software development for 25+ companies in the areas of web development, system and network programming, data processing, analysis and computation, embedded programming as well as relational database design and programming. I’ve also done consultancy for 15+ companies, mostly regarding database programming and performance, database migrations, PostgreSQL and the use of Open Source software and Linux.

Following is a list of the knowledge areas for which I currently offer development and consultancy services.

Relational Database Systems

  • database modeling
  • PostgreSQL programming and administration
    • SQL & client programming (C/C++: libpq, Java: JDBC and others)
    • server programming (PL/PgSQL procedures, C extensions)
    • administration (DBA), including setups with replication and connection pooling
  • Oracle DB programming
    • SQL & client programming (Java/JDBC)
    • server programming (PL/SQL procedures)
  • migrations of existing systems (for example MySQL, Oracle DB) to PostgreSQL

Data Science, Data Analysis, Research & Development

  • environments: Python 3, C/C++, MATLAB/Octave
  • data acquisition, custom ETL systems
  • statistics, machine learning and deep learning
  • number crunching and high-performance computing in C/C++

Linux/Unix, C/C++, Java and Shell Programming

  • operating systems: Linux and other Unix-like systems (OpenBSD, macOS), VxWorks and others
  • C/C++ programming:
    • system programming
    • network programming
  • Bash scripting
    • batch processing
    • system administration scripts
  • tools: GNU toolchain (make, gcc, gdb), clang, cmake, bash, ssh, svn & git, standard Unix & GNU tools

Web Development, XML/JSON and Web Hosting

  • backend programming:
    • Java, Servlets/JSP on Apache Tomcat
    • JavaScript on Node.js/Express and Apache httpd
  • XML, JSON and related technologies and tools
  • hosting/deployment/devops:
    • Linux system administration (Debian, Amazon Linux, the Linux distributions of a prominent North American vendor until they decided to kill CentOS-Linux, etc.)
    • cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS): EC2, RDS, Route 53, S3, etc…
  • HTML5/CSS and JavaScript

Note: many of the names mentioned on this page are registered trademarks.


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