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My experience as trainer:

  • I’ve taught in more than 200 courses since 2002, including onsite and online training for companies and courses for public institutions
  • from 2002 to 2011 I taught as a freelancer at the faculty of computer science of the university of Bolzano - first as a teaching assistant and later as lecturer in the XML Data Management course
  • since 2009 I’m a trainer and a study book author for the webmaster curriculum by Webmasters Akademie Nürnberg in Germany (OWL and WE)

Please contact me for training courses about the following topics!

Relational database systems

  • relational database concepts and SQL using PostgreSQL or Oracle DB
  • PostgreSQL administration (DBA), including setups with replication and connection pooling
  • PostgreSQL client programming using C/C++ (libpq), Java (JDBC) and others
  • PostgreSQL server programming using PL/PgSQL

my certification: 1

PostgreSQL CE Silver

C, Java or JavaScript programming

  • introduction to programming in C
  • introduction to object-oriented programming in Java
  • Javascript: the core language, JavaScript in the backend with Node.js, JavaScript in the browser

my certifications: 2 3

Sun Certified Java Programmer
Webmasters Europe Certified Webmaster


  • introduction to Linux system administration
  • running Linux in the cloud (e.g. with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud providers)

my certifications: 4 5 6


Note: many of the names mentioned on this page are registered trademarks.

  1. PGCES-02: PostgreSQL CE 8 Silver, obtained 2007,
    verification link (registration: 218396750, validation: 74356605) ↩︎

  2. Sun Certified Java Programmer, obtained 2010,
    no verfication link available ↩︎

  3. Webmasters Europe Certified Webmaster, obtained between 2008 and 2012,
    no verfication link available ↩︎

  4. LPIC-1, obtained 2005,
    verification link (LPI ID: LPI000077634, verification code: jstrydm83v) ↩︎

  5. LPIC-2, obtained 2006,
    verification link (LPI ID: LPI000077634, verification code: jstrydm83v) ↩︎

  6. I used to hold a “certified engineer” certificate by a prominent North American vendor, obtained 2003, that I renounced in protest of the discontinuation of CentOS Linux ↩︎


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